Get Pinspired: Dr. Seuss’s Birthday Celebration!

On March 2, there will be much chatter around the world in celebration of children’s book author Dr. Seuss‘s birthday!  Dr. Seuss is a beloved part of every childhood, thanks to his books (and subsequent tv specials, shows and movies).  I believe that many kids are encouraged to learn to read because of his prose.  So we have much reason to give him a Hip Hip Hooray!

How are you planning on celebrating the day with your kids?  Let’s look to Pinterest (where else!?!?) for some fantastic ideas:

{Enjoy a Seuss-themed Storytime playdate}

{Have a Seuss-tastic Birthday Bash!}

{Find some Seuss-piration}
(I seriously was tearing up when I came across some of these pins. I was all “YEAH, Dr. Seuss. That’s RIGHT!“)

{Cook up some Seuss Food}

{Or get Seuss Crafty}

{….but let’s not get TOO crazy…}

We want to hear your Seuss plans!  Leave a comment to share some of your ideas (and pins!).

You can find more Seuss pins on our 

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